7th International conference
St. Petersburg, Russia
April 16–18, 2019
February 20, 2019
Payment forms are ready - please confirm your participation!
Sorry for the delay - the payment forms are ready to use. You can find them here.

Please register for the conference according to your country tier and the form of participation.
One payment for participation is needed; thus, multiple authors of one paper do not need to register all, as well as panel participants and initially invited workshop members. Only the new members of workshops that submit after the workshop announcement will have to pay for participation individually.

February 11, 2019
Workshops announced!
We are glad to announce two workshops that will take place at CMSTW'2019:

WORKSHOP 1: Speech etiquette in online communities
Chair: Liliya Duskaeva, St.Petersburg State University, Russia

WORKSHOP 2: Youtube blogger as a public figure: expertise and community
Chair: Polina Kolozaridi, National Research University - Higher School of Economics (Moscow), Russia

Participation in the workshops is possible for the members of the research community included into the workshop by the chairs included by the workshop chairs on submission, but also for the external participants.

Those who wish to participate in the workshops starting from now, must submit their contributions to the conference Easychair system by March 5, 2019. The contributions will undergo reviewing by the workshop chairs and external reviewers; successful participants will be invited to the workshops. The deadline for camera-ready papers will be March 31, 2019.
Participation formats for the new members may be:
- an extended abstract / position paper (2 to 4 pages, free format, pdf);
- a full / short paper, see requirements in 'Submission'.

Initial members of the workshops are to submit their full texts by the same deadline, March 31, 2019. The same formats apply.

February 10, 2019
Review results are to be announced tomorrow!
Dear submitters,
thank you for your patience - we're almost there with the reviews. As Feb 10 is Sunday and we're still waiting for several last-minute metareviews for controversial papers, the reviews will be sent out 24 hours later than expected. We hope for your understanding.

Please pay particular attention to the following information:
1. The panels and workshops will have a separate announcement. Please be patient :)
2. The authors of accepted papers will receive an automatic notification of acceptance. Also, we will suggest a place for publication, but, for some papers, we're still looking for options. For all the accepted papers, the formats for future publications will be announced by February 15, 2019. The deadline for camera-ready papers will be March 31, 2019.
3. The authors of accepted abstracts will be offered an opportunity to develop a paper by March 31, 2019. Camera-ready papers uploaded to Easychair will undergo additional reviewing; after that, the final decision for the conference prizes and publication opportunities will be taken by the conference chairs, track chairs, and the Steering committee.
4. Several papers and abstracts will be conditionally accepted. It means that they have a potential for a presentation at the conference, but they need to be corrected according to the recommendations provided by the reviewers. As a rule, conditional acceptance means that your paper / abstract is lot linked well with the conference theme or does not contain any comparison (which is implied by the conference scope). The time given for corrections is till February 15, 2019.
5. All authors of accepted and conditionally accepted papers will be asked to confirm the conference participation by February 15; this is when the forms for payment will start working. Please note that the early-bird registration will be prolonged till March 10, 2019, but not longer. Regular registration will be available till April 1, 2019.

January 18, 2019
Good news on our publishing opportunities!
CMSTW has reached an agreement with Peter Lang book series 'Studies in Communication and Politics' (edited by Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska and Michal Glowacki) to publish a volume as a result of the conference. The series is indexed in Scopus and has a good reputation among international media and communication scholarship.

As the volume will be published later than April, all the successful submitters will be asked to slightly rework their papers towards the book chapter format. The authors of the best abstracts will also be invited to submit a chapter based on the abstract. Due to this, camera-ready versions of the papers will be submitted later (the date is still tbc, but definitely within March 31, 2019). Also, all the agreements with academic journals Social Media + Society and Digital Journalism remain in place; the best papers will be offered a chance to form the special issue and/or to be submitted to Digital Journalism with the CMSTW recommendation.

As computer science series in Springer International Publishing and ACM will not publish our proceedings due to only partial belonging of our conference to computer science, formatting demands of these publishing houses do not apply any longer. We sincerely apologize for this delay in providing information on formatting of your submissions. As formatting issues were not the authors' fault, we will accept both Springer-formatted papers and papers that follow the APA style. Please see our 'Submission' page for further guidance on formatting if you have not submitted yet.

January 9, 2019
Dear prospective CMSTW'2019 participants!
Due to many requests,
we are moving the deadline for major submissions to January 22, 2019.
Please follow our further submission instructions in the respective parts of our website!
The 7th International conference 'Comparative Media Studies in Today's World' (CMSTW'2019) is dedicated to analysing world's communication and journalism in comparative perspective. The theme for 2019 is 'Communities. Audiences. Publics', which is to bring together a wide range of scholars in social sciences, communication science, computational disciplines, and humanities.

Since 2013, the conference has gathered experts in comparative media research, including Paolo Mancini, Larry Gross, Silvio Waisbord, Katrin Voltmer, Nico Carpentier, Susanne Fengler, Elena Vartanova, Thomas Hanitzsch, Daya Thussu, Zizi Papacharissi, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, and many others.

The conference is an integral part of 'Media in Modern World' Annual Forum which will be held by St. Petersburg State University for the 58th time in 2019. Thus, interested audience is ensured, and you may wish to take part in the Plenary Session (with simultaneous translation into English) and all sorts of discussions at the Annual Forum on April 18-19.

A wide variety of publishing opportunities, including Scopus Q1 journals, is offered at the conference. The submission guidelines may be found in the respective pages of this website.
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